New Patients
My First Visit
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On your first visit to Align ChiroCare you will be welcomed by our warm
and caring receptionist who will ask you to fill out forms in order to gain
information about your current health condition.

Specific questions will be asked by Dr. Doan to determine whether your
condition would benefit from chiropractic care.  If chiropractic care is not
suitable to your condition, you will be referred to appropriate physicians in
the Grand Prairie or Arlington area who can assist you.

We respect patient confidentiality and nothing will be done without your

Consultation by Dr. Doan, you will undergo a complete chiropractic
examination. The examination includes:

  • Testing your reflexes
  • Range of Motion of extremities
  • Neurologic Examination
  • Postural Examination
  • Physical Examinations

The doctor will use this information to determine how chiropractic can help
you. In some cases, additional testing procedures maybe required.

The need for X-ray is evaluated per patient specific cases and health

After reviewing the examinations and X-ray, in her report of findings, Dr.
Doan will provide recommended treatments.

After the very first adjustment, most patients begin to see beneficial
results. Dr. Doan's gentle alignment of the body provides effective  results
to kids, adults, athletes, and seniors.

To make her treatment more effective, Dr. Doan has incorporated
massages to her practice. This has been proven to aide with the healing
process in addition to chiropractic adjustments.

We accept many insurance programs, auto accident liens, and worker
compensation cases.  
Contact us at (972) 660-2400 to determine if your
insurance covers chiropractic care.