Patient's Testimonial
                                         "Thank so much for taking care of my back.
                                               You and your staff are wonderful.  Many
                                 times thank you."
                                                                               ~ Captain Sam J. ~  

                                          "I have hip and lower back. I barely could
                                    walk when I started the treatment and now
                             the pain is almost gone completely. Thank
                      you for putting me back."
                                                                                        ~ Teresa V. ~

" I strained my back one evening working in the garage. I woke up the next
morning completely unable to turn my head or lift my arms because the pain
                                                   in my back was so severe.  Pin pills and hot
                                                packs weren't helping.  I knew I needed to
                                             try something else.  I made an appointment
                                            to see Dr. Doan at Align ChiroCare and I
                                           was amazed at the results!  After one visit, I
                                    was practically pain free, able to move my
                                  head, neck and arms freely once again. I
                                could not believe how quickly she was able
                              to identify and treat the areas that were the
cause of my pain and stiffness.  I continued to see Dr. Doan and with only a
few follow up appointments, my back pain was entirely gone.  I also began to
notice that headaches; which I have suffered from for three years, were
beginning to become less and less frequent.  For anyone suffering from back
pain and/or other symptoms that might be back related, I highly recommend
giving Dr. Doan and her wonderfully friendly staff at Align ChiroCare a try.  I
                                                                                            ~ Jeff W. ~

                                                " I have lower back and hips pain.  I had not
                                            been to a chiropractor in over a year. I saw
                                        Algin Chirocare and figured I would give
                                    her a try. Dr. W. Doan is wonderful, my
                               back and hips have never felt better.  I
                           would recommend her to anyone with back
                        and neck pain."
                                                                                         ~ Tracy G. ~

"I was referred to Dr. Doan by my mom and lets just say...she is amazing!  She
loves her job and genuinely cares about all of her patients and she shows it.  
Each and every one of them.  I've been to a chiropractor ages ago and that
doctor wasn't as precise so therefore, I was a bit iffy about going to her.  She
turned my perspective a complete 180 degrees.  Honestly, there aren't enough
positive adjectives to describe this woman!  She is so nice and will educate you
through everything before she starts on you so you'll know what's being done. I
just love her, especially her staff; one in particular though; a little friend named
Simba.  Thank you."
                                                                                           ~Shannon N~

 "The relief after treatment will have you
                                                coming back for more.  I've seen a lot of
                                            chiropractors and by far, Dr. Doan is the
                                        most through and caring. You will not be
                                                                                          ~Janice M~

"Before coming to Align ChiroCare, it was my normal to have headaches daily and
to be in constant pain on the left side of my back.  After my first visit, I could tell a
difference in my back and even in the way I walked!  I have never felt so good in
my life and headaches are rare.  No more daily pain."
                                                                                          ~Katherine S~
       5210 S. State Hwy. Suite 505 Grand Prairie, Texas 75052 (972) 660-2400 office (972) 660-2403 fax